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Welcome to the start of an exciting new year for AFS students and families! This year we have students from: Germany, Chile, Indonesia, Finland, Brazil, Denmark and Iceland.
Some important dates are coming upon us quickly.
Student arrival is August 10 and August 11. The students will he hosted at the Davis's home in Tustin. Students will be picked up from there by their host families.
Next, we have the Mandatory Post Arrival Orientation, which is followed by the AFS Welcome Party. The Post Arrival Orientation will be at the Matthews' home in Tustin on Sept. 10 - 11. It is an overnight activity that starts at 1:30 on the 10th, and ends at 3:30 on the 11th. It is followed by the Welcome Party at the Tustin Sports Park at 4 pm, also on the 11th.
Please feel free to use th calendar on this page for more updates and details.

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Where are we Located?

We serve the Southern California area bounded by Los Angeles on the North, San Diego on the South, Riverside County on the East, and the Pacific Ocean on the West.  We are privileged to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and some of the best weather. 

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