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Fundraising and Tuition

Fundraising is an important and often crucial part of preparing to become an AFSer. AFS-USA encourages all students to take part in some sort of fundraising campaign; we've found that beyond raising tuition, fundraising fosters invaluable skills and a sense of self-sufficiency that will benefit you on your AFS program and beyond.

AFS Fundraising Guide

AFS has helped thousands of students raise money for their exchange program by providing fundraising strategies and examples. If you put your creativity and resourcefulness to work, you will find plenty of people who are willing to support you.

The purpose of the AFS fundraising guide to teach you, a future AFSer, the foundations of effective fundraising; giving you the skills to succeed in raising money for your AFS program. The guide will help you through each of the four most important steps in fundraising.

Click here to download the fundraising guide and supplemental forms.

To view the fundraising guide, you will need Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader for free here

Fundraising Workshop

Participate in this workshop to plan a financial strategy for your AFS program, brainstorm fundraising ideas and devise a successful money-saving plan.

Top Fundraising Ideas

Incorporate these ideas, into your fundraising strategy.

Other Resources

Four Essential Steps to Fundraising

Raising money for at least part of your experience will develop invaluable skills to serve you in the future.

Raise your Tuition Online

Sponsor an AFSer is an online fundraising tool that has helped students raise thousands of dollars.

Ask an AFSer

Connect with other students about covering your tuition on this popular Facebook group.

Explore Scholarships or Financial Assistance

AFS is committed to making our programs available to qualified students through financial aid and scholarship assistance.

If you have fundraising questions or feedback on the fundraising guide, please email scholarships@afsusa.org.