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High School Study Abroad

Full immersion programs for high school students and recent graduates who want to explore the world. For students fueled by curiosity, adventure, and a desire to know what else is out there, here are some of the reasons to Study Abroad in High School.

High School Year and Semester Programs

Choose a high school year or semester program and get the complete AFS immersion experience. As you attend high school and live with your host family for 5-11 months, AFS academic programs abroad enable you to:

  • Cultivate Strong Relationships – More time in your host country means stronger bonds with your host family and friends.
  • Fine-Tune Another Language – Learning a second language takes time, and a semester or year program provides enough time to refine a second language.
  • Get the Full Picture – High school abroad offers a chance to experience living abroad and discovering the rhythms of everyday life in your host country.