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Fall program application Early Action Date is December 4, 2014!

High School Study Abroad

Full immersion programs for high school students and recent graduates who want to explore the world. For students fueled by curiosity, adventure, and a desire to know what else is out there, here are some of the reasons to Study Abroad in High School.

High School Year and Semester Programs

Choose a high school year or semester program and get the complete AFS immersion experience. As you attend high school and live with your host family for 5-11 months, AFS academic programs abroad enable you to:

  • Cultivate Strong Relationships – More time in your host country means stronger bonds with your host family and friends.
  • Fine-Tune Another Language – Learning a second language takes time, and a semester or year program provides enough time to refine a second language.
  • Get the Full Picture – High school abroad offers a chance to experience living abroad and discovering the rhythms of everyday life in your host country.