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Just arrived in the US, and feeling…

The class of 2013-14 AFS study abroad participants is beginning to arrive!

Across the US, AFS high school exchange students from around the world are flying into major airports and preparing to meet the families and communities who will host them for the next 10 months. This is an incredible, emotionally-charged time for all members of the AFS community, but especially the students.

That said, we wanted see this process from the students’ perspective. So, we asked students arriving at New York’s JFK International Airport yesterday, “In one word, how are you feeling?”

Here are their responses:

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Homage to the Gauchos

Gauchos riding ponies

So the Sunday before last, two really important things happened in Salta, one being Father’s Day and the other being the Festival of the Gauchos, or the Homage of the Gauchos (gaucho= cowboy).

I’ll start with Father’s Day.


Photo Update: Viva Argentina!

AFS Group Trip to Buenos Aires.

With Classmates!

Iguazu Falls.

Visiting some incredible museums.


Celebrating Easter in Argentina: Visit Huge Waterfalls, Make Delicious Empanadas

So the past week has been pretty amazing. I have been to quite a few places and done quite a few things! last Wednesday Semana Santa started, it is 5 days of vacaciones in Argentina for Pascua (Easter). Last wednesday my host family and I packed up the car and started driving. First we stopped in Resistencia which is a city about 2 and a half hours away from Formosa. We stayed there the night with my host mother’s sister. It was nice because this week I really am starting to feel like I can understand a lot thats going on, and what people are talking about. I don’t feel so lost at dinner anymore when my family is talking. I can talk somewhat now too.



Iguazu Falls, Rafting and Ziplines, Oh My!

See more photos from Jenica’s recent AFS side trip in Argentina.

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On School, Empanadas and Making Friends in Argentina



I have been with my family for about 50 days now, and its going very well! The weather has heated up since the last post. And I mean HEATED up. 80 degrees is a comfortable evening temperature. Fortunately, after several days of being a sweaty hot mess, I am now much more comfortable. However it is only spring…

School is much much much better than the first few weeks. I understand a little less than almost everything. I get grades now, but the teachers know that I am not going to understand everything. I am becoming friends with many people, and actually am able to talk with them! On the weekends, its 100% time for friends. Read more.



First Week, First Mate Tea in Argentina



When coming to a new country, and you are planning to live here for a year, it can get quite crazy. For the first few days you are an ugly mess, you miss your family and you don’t feel like you belong. For these last couple of days I have been trying to settle into my new home and finding my place in this small town.

Before I came here I spent my first 4 days sleeping on busses, airplanes and in hotels. But I made a bunch of new friends and have started to discover my place in this society. Read more.



The Countdown to a Year in Argentina Begins


Here it is! I found out I will be living in the northeast part of Argentina in a city called Formosa. The population is around 200,000 in the northeast, and it’s on the border of Paraguay. It seems pretty laid back and relaxed, which is perfect for me. Can’t wait for the beautiful weather. Host family information will be coming this week for sure. I attempted to start packing. It should be an interesting process with only one 44 lbs suitcase and a carry-on allowed. I couldn’t be more excited. Read more.

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Enjoying Winter Break and Harry Potter in Argentina


As it is often easy for you guys to forget, it is winter down here. Just think of it all as being exactly the oposite of what you are feeling because really, that is what it is. Even though I am always naturally going to think of July as the one of the hottest months of the year, I would deffinetelly say that it is not hot down here! Right now I am on Winter Break which is really weird in and of itself.

First off, where in the world is Christmas? Um, hello? Isn´t this naturally the time of year for Christmas lights and caroling? Well, as only the seasons change and the days of the holidays don´t, I still have to wait five more months for Christmas like the rest of you. :( Thankfully I have found other ways to occupy my time. I got let out of school Thursday the 7th and I go back to school on Wednesday the 23rd so that gives me about two weeks of vacation! My first week was super packed with activities. Read more.

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The Best Care Package From My Parents: Peanut Butter


WARNING: This post is highly packed with praise for Peanut Butter. If you are a Peanut Butter hater, I highly suggest you skip this post write now before you torture yourself by reading this.

I am so lucky to have two wonderfully groups of family and friends. Not only am I surrounded by loving people here but I still have my friends and family back home cheering me on the whole way. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I needed an emergency shipment of winter clothing from Mom. Thankfully, it showed up in an incredible 10 days! I had no idea that was even possible!

Now I was under the impression that I was to find sweaters and my favorite shirts in that package and although those were included like promised, I also found something more. In there was practically a year supply of Reese´s Peanut Butter Cups and a jar of organic Peanut Butter. Read more.

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