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Win a free trip to share a piece of America with your host son or daughter!

Submit your favorite host family moment via photo or video for a chance to make new memories on an all-expenses-paid trip featuring cool cultural activities. Choose from 4 great U.S. cities!

Entries due by 11:59pm EST on April 11, 2016

"Snow, halal turkey and football"

The Cochrane Family and Hala from Lebanon, 2014

Our experiences hosting an AFS/YES student this year have been exceptional. Years ago we hosted several students but that was when our children were in high school so we surprised ourselves when we agreed to host as grandparents! As seniors we have the time to actually enjoy a teenager and the many activities in which she is involved.
Hala from Lebanon fit right into our extended family, especially as she experienced Thanksgiving. We promised her snow, Halal turkey and football. Thanks to our daughter she had previously learned how to properly kill and dress a rooster with the appropriate Halal prayers but we spared her the need and ordered the Halal turkey from the butcher. After dinner two feet of snow was hastily shoveled from the back yard and the annual family football game began with Hala as a mighty 90 pound 5’2 blocker!
Hala plans to take this tradition home to her own family!

Who is eligible to enter and win

Current and former AFS-USA host families and exchange students are encouraged to participate!

To be eligible to win, contestants must:
Be an immediate member of an AFS-USA Host Family (current or former) OR be an AFS exchange student hosted in the U.S.;
Be 18 years of age at the contest start date, or have parental consent;
Currently reside in the U.S.
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"Welcome Marketta"

The Royers Family and Marketta from Germany, 1961

How it works
in just 3 easy steps!

Home videos and family pictures Rummage through photos or home videos to uncover the moment(s) that best define your hosting experience.
Submit online Submit a photo or short video (1 minute or less) with a description (3,000 characters or less).
Share on social media Tell everyone you know to vote for your entry between April 12 - 27, 2016. The submission with the most votes wins!

We'll provide you with the necessary tools and info to be able to direct people to vote for your submission once the entry period has ended.

"Italy to America - Welcome to our family"

The Helpling Family and Chiara from Italy, 2014

What you win

Grand Prize:
One family will win an all-expenses-paid trip—with their exchange student—to one of 4 U.S. cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, or Washington D.C. The entry with the most votes will receive the Grand Prize.

President's Award:
One additional family will win a family reunion for the host family and exchange student. The student will receive free round-trip international airfare to return to their host community after their time with AFS in the U.S. is complete. The President’s Award will be awarded to the best overall submission, selected by a Judge’s Panel.