Win a full scholarship
to go abroad and make an impact

At AFS, we believe in the radical idea that young people can make a difference.

AFS's founders were young volunteers who ventured overseas to help those in need - and their spirit of volunteerism lives on today.

Now it's YOUR turn. 

What change would you make in the world?

Tell us your idea for a volunteer project that could have a meaningful impact abroad. Get votes from your family and friends on your idea, and you could win one of 10 full scholarships to spend 2 weeks with AFS making the winning project come to life. All U.S. 8th to 12th grade students are eligible to enter. It just takes three easy steps:

Step 1: Get inspired to create change

Learn about the countries and issue areas.

Step 2: Come up with your idea

Submit a 250-500 word essay or 1-minute video.

Step 3: Put your vision into action

Go abroad, have a blast, make an impact.

Educators, bring global impact into your classroom.

Global Competency is critical to the success of today's 8th-12th grade students, but we know it's hard to bring into an already-packed curriculum. AFS Project: Change lesson plans make it easy to introduce contemporary, global issues in a unique and engaging way. 

  • Inspire your students to become global citizens
  • Get free common core-aligned lesson plans
  • Teach 21st Century Skills in new and exciting ways

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