The Livick Family

of Atascadero, CA

Friendly, creative, outgoing

Eka with her host family's pets.

Eka was the most friendly, creative, outgoing person I have ever met. I think she knew every single person and teacher on the high school campus versus our first student who did not even tell anyone she was an exchange student.

Eka would take our little dog for walk around the neighborhood and come home and tell me about different people she had met. We had lived in the same house for 10 years and she told me about people I had never even SEEN before. I don't know how she met everyone. The other amazing thing was that she fell in love with our dog, Lily. Being a practicing Muslim, she never thought she could even live with a dog but she absolutely loved Lily. She would dress her up and carry her around in a little front pack like a baby. It was pretty hilarious. (Lily is a rescue teacup Pomeranian.)

Leigh with Eka's neighbors during her visit to Indonesia in 2011. She wrote they were "astonished at me eating Indonesian food."
One thing that used to bother me was how Eka would put chili peppers or spicy sambal on EVERYTHING I made. However, I was fortunate enough [...] to visit Eka in her village. NOW I UNDERSTAND. It really brings everything home, full-circle, if you are able to visit your son or daughter in their home environment. The communal lifestyle of Eka's village completely explains her outgoing nature and the food in Indonesia is all spicy and eaten with sambal. American food is extremely bland in comparison.

In closing, we are now hosting our fourth student and already planning our fifth and sixth and ...

- Leigh Livick, AFS host mom and volunteer

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