A boy doing cartwheels on the beach in Karachi, Pakistan. Photo via Flickr by Ahsan Ali.

YES Students

All students from Pakistan are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Pakistan is one of the oldest occupied lands, dating back 5,000 years. Throughout it's history it has been invaded by Turkey, Greece, Afghanistan and others, and until 1947, was a part of modern day India, with whom it still struggles. Citizens tend to feel more alliance with their region than with the country as a whole. Today, the country is slowly becoming successful politically and economically.

Lifestyle and Family

The family is the center of social and support, and tends to be fairly conservative. The nuclear family is close-knit but at the same time very large, with five or more children in a family. When the sons get married, the couple often moves in with his family. People work hard to support themselves, and their lives rarely include many modern conveniences.

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Teen Life and Sports

Popular sports of Pakistan are cricket and squash, sports that were introduced by the British and are still played till this day. Teens love to go out and listen to music and dance, usually at night.


The flavor of the Pakistan food is spicy, usually incorporating lamb, beef, and rice. The poorer families tend to leave the meat out of meals. Everything is seasoned with curry to give it the spicy taste. Tea and milk is served with each meal.

Language and Religion

English is the official language of the country, used by the government and schools. However, there are hundreds of different languages spoken in Pakistan because of the variety of ethnic groups that live in the country. 90 percent of Pakistanis are Muslim.

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