Near the bank of the Bani River in Mopti. Photo by Mary Newcombe. Morocco

YES Students

All students from Morocco are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Morocco is a country that is close in destination to Europe but similar to the Middle East.

The Arab culture has slowly made a presence in the country, with Islam and Arab food becoming prominent.

Lifestyle and Family

Family is the center of everyone’s lives in Morocco. The families tend to be large, partly due to the extended family being very important. The extended family usually lives and works together. The men are working to support the family while the women take care of the household and children. As the children grow they are given chores and eventually, are responsible to care for the elders. Children, even when they are married, live at home and assume their role within the family.

Teen Life and Sports

In recent years volleyball has become a popular sport among young Moroccans. It is mostly played on the beaches. Soccer has always been the country’s favorite, either playing or watching. For leisure, teens enjoy socializing with friends at a coffeehouse or taking a stroll.


The Moroccan diet heavily incorporates meat, such as beef and chicken. Each meal has some sort of seasoned meat along with a side dish. The side dish is usually lentils, soup, or couscous. Moroccans who live on the coast eat a large amount of seafood. Mint tea finishes a meal.

Language and Religion

Arabic is the main language of Morocco. French is also recognized as an official language and widely used by the government and business. A large majority of the population is Muslim, with a Christian and Jewish minority.

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