A town square in Macedonia.

YES Students

All students from Macedonia are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Macedonia is a country struggling to keep peace within ethnic groups. It is a new country trying to strengthen its presence in the world, and while the past still seems very alive, the new generation is the country’s hope for peace.

Lifestyle and Family

Rural families live in homes with their extended family. Family members all equally help with the children and work. As for urban families, they are usually nuclear families. The parents both work and take care of the children. The children stay at home until they are married and are usually supported by their parents until then.

Teen Life and Sports

Basketball and soccer are very popular in Macedonia. There are usually sport centers in towns. When Macedonians are not playing on the field or court then they are traveling with their families around Macedonia or Albania. Teens, when they are out with their friends, will go to discos or hang out at a friend’s house.


For the Christians of Macedonia the diet consists of a lot of meat, such as lamb and pork. Muslims also eat meat, but not pork for religious reasons. The favorite dishes of the country have some sort of bread, cheese, and vegetable. The sarma that has rice or meat filled cabbage, which accommodates both Christians and Muslims. Meals are not accompanied by a drink.

Language and Religion

The nation’s official language is Macedonian. However, there is a large portion of the population that speaks Turkish, Romany, and Serbian. Religion is based on the ethnicity a person in Macedonia is. Macedonians and Serbians are Orthodox Christians, and form the majority religion, while Turks and Albanians are Muslims.

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