The patriarchate of Peć. Photo by Mat Sloughter.

YES Students

All students from Kosovo are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Recently recognized as a country, Kosovo has come a long way from its troubled past. There is a great deal of tension that exists between Albanians and Serbians. However, some people are trying to make a change and create situations where both Albanians and Serbians mix with one another.

Lifestyle and Family

The nuclear family is very important to the culture of Kosovo. The families usually consist of a mother, father, and two or three children. The father and mother share equal roles, putting the same amount of time into work and housework. The children stay at home until they are married. When the parents get older the youngest son takes the parents in to care for them.

Teen Life and Sports

The most popular thing to do in Kosovo is to either watch or play soccer. When soccer is played teams are usually divided by ethnicity and there is little mixing. If it is not soccer, people are playing one of the many other popular sports, such as handball and volleyball. During the year families tend to go on vacations, visiting surrounding countries. Winter is when a large majority of the population goes skiing in Brezovica.


The majority of the Kosovoan diet is vegetables. Every meal includes vegetables along with some type of bread. Their national dish, byrek, consists of spinach, leeks, cabbage, pumpkin, and a bit of feta cheese. Every day the people of Kosovo eat at least one salad.

Language and Religion

Albanian and Serbian are the two official languages of Kosovo. A large portion of the country claims their religion as Muslim, but religion is not something important to the people of Kosovo’s daily lives.

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