Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most, an old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzogovina. Photo via jamie.silva

YES Students

Most students from Bosnia and Herzegovina are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Bosnia has successfully blended cultures from the East and West. Not only is it a metaphorical bridge between cultures, but there is a physical bridge that connects Western Europe with Eastern Asia. This bridge has been crossed by the Byzantine, Romans, Ottomans, and Austro-Hungarians. These four cultures are now a hybrid that makes up today’s Bosnian culture.

Lifestyle and Family

Families consist of grandparents, parents, and one to two children. The grandparents stay home and take care of the children when they are younger. Once the children grow up they attend school. The parents are usually out of the house working to support the entire family. The roles of the parents are equal in the fact that they share the decision making for the family.

Teen Life and Sports

Friends and family tend to either meet at home or at a local cafe. During the summers there are picnics and grill. On May 1, there is a national holiday were citizens participate in a picnic together.

In terms of athletics Bosnians play basketball, tennis, swimming, or soccer. You can find the younger generation playing any one of those sports. When they are not playing a sport or with the family then they are often at home relaxing in front of the television.


Bosnian’s prominent meal is a pie, meat, cheese, or spinach and cheese. The lunches are usually a heavy meal, such as a hearty soup or meat, because it is the largest meal of a Bosnian's day. The meats are greatly influenced by Turkish cuisine, with it being grilled and skewed.

Language and Religion

The majority of the country speaks a Slavic language that some consider Serbo-Croatian. Then there is the minority that speaks Hungarian, Albanian, and Slovene. Most Bosnians have identify themselves by three major religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

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