Bangladeshis engaging in one of their most important economic activities, fishing. Photo via USAID

YES Students

All students from Bangladesh are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Bangladesh is filled with natural wonders. In its 56,000 square miles, it offers gorgeous beaches, forest covered hills, and meandering rivers.

Lifestyle and Family

Extended family is very important in Bangladesh. The entire family usually lives together and takes care of one another. This is slowly changing as the younger generation starts emulating Western life and moving out of the home, but younger people are still expected to take care of their elders. Within the family structure, males are generally the dominant members.

Teen Life and Sports

Bangladeshi teens like to spend time with friends and family at home watching movies from India and United States or outside having a picnic. Bangladesh is a country that is male dominant, allowing only boys to play sports. Boys are most likely to be found playing soccer, field hockey, table tennis, or cricket. Girls usually watch or participate in Hand-ball, the only game freely allowed to be played by females.


Rice is a staple in the everyday diet of a Bangladeshi. Vegetables and spices, which are locally found, are usually served with the rice. Fruit is also popular, such as watermelon and bananas.

Language and Religion

The official language of Bangladesh is Bangla. However, many people can speak and understand Hindi as well. The country has a large Muslim population, at 83%.

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