Jonufer Beach, Vlore, Albania. Photo courtesy of Godo-Godaj

YES Students

All students from Albania are Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the YES Program.

Country Information

Albania, a country famous for its beautiful beaches along the Adriatic Sea, is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Along with the scenery, Albania is known for its traditional folk music. With lyrics that depict the country's history and the hardship of everyday life, it is an excellent way to understand Albanian culture.

Lifestyle and Family

Family is the center of society. Loyalty to family is very important, and roles are followed accordingly. The father is considered the head of the house. Both parents usually work outside the home, and while children help out with chores they are also expected to attend school.

Teen Life and Sports

Teens in Albania enjoy playing sports in their free time. Volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and basketball are popular. If not playing sports, Albanians are often off with their friends at the movies. Many families vacation on the Mediterranean coast on breaks and holidays.


Albania has incorporated the cuisine of some nearby countries, like Near Turkey, Greece and Serbia, into its own. Meat is the foundation of the Albanian diet. Popular choices are pork, chicken, lamb, or veal, and seafood is very popular on the coast. Vegetables accompany the main dish, along with some kind of cheese, usually cottage cheese. Albanians try to consume only fresh local products. A traditional drink called Raki often starts the meal.

Language and Religion

Albanian is the officially language of the country. The country is 70% Muslim, 20% Orthodox Christian and 10% Catholic.

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