Community College Program

The AFS-USA Community College Program offers high school graduates an opportunity to kick-start the next stage of their academic journey in the United States - under the care and guidance of AFS.

Community colleges provide an exceptional introduction to higher education while AFS ensures that you have the tools and support needed to thrive in a new country.

This program is perfect for either a student interested in an English language study opportunity, or a serious academic program as part of their university level education.

AFS has designed this program to meet the needs of young adults (18-20) who have completed the high school diploma equivalent in their home countries. In general, the program works best for students planning to pursue their education in the United States (or any English-speaking country) and are looking for a way to bring their English-speaking skills to the level needed for college admission while also obtaining an introduction to college life.

With the support and guidance of AFS, students are able to alleviate the fear and anxiety of starting school in a new country and in an unfamiliar academic environment. Likewise, parents are able to relieve their level of worry knowing that their son or daughter is not embarking on this adventure alone.

The program provides a great cultural environment within which students can 1) improve their English, 2) enrich their intercultural awareness and global competency, and 3) experience a home stay, or if desired, a weekend/holiday home stay.

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