Teachers Toolbox

Use this area of our site as a resource to find new and updated supplemental teaching tools and information to support and enhance classroom pedagogy as it relates to intercultural learning.

Lesson Plans

Ready-to-use comprehensive lesson plans and classroom activities that foster global awareness and intercultural learning.

Culture Trek

Culture Trek is an online learning tool with blended curriculum that is designed to support the Common Core State Standards Initiative as well as AFS’ Learning Objectives, which were developed to provide intercultural learning experiences for students in the global, cultural, interpersonal and personal realms.

Outreach to Educators Events Grant

A collaboration between AFS-USA's Outreach to Educators Advisory Group (OEAG),  the School Outreach and Educational Partnerships (SOEP) Unit and AFS Area Teams to coordinate innovative programs, specifically targeted to educators.

Global Competency Resources

A database that includes curricular resources, as well as professional development links which support global and intercultural learning as well as environmental understanding.

AFS and International Clubs

AFS and International Clubs provide ways for students to connect by sharing intercultural experiences and discussing customs and cultures from around the world.

It's Your World, Too: Teacher Edition Prezi

A professional development tool for teachers which can be used at an in-service day, after-school workshop, teacher training seminar, etc.

It’s Your World, Too: Student Edition Prezi

A tool for students to learn about global citizenship through intercultural learning! This 20-40 minute presentation briefly outlines the various ways your students can get involved with AFS’ programs to become more globally competent.