Explore Alternative Healing Practices in Israel

Gain a new understanding of medicine and healing in Israel

Spend 10 days in Israel uncovering history and exploring both ancient and modern medical practices. Your adventure will start in Caesarea, a town on the coast of north-central Israel. Then you’ll continue to Jerusalem, before finishing your trip at the fortress of Masada in the Judean Desert. Throughout your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit synagogues, churches, sacred cities, famous food markets, and the Dead Sea.

You and your group will take healing classes at the Hebrew University, Hadassah School of Nursing, where you’ll explore alternative healing methods in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim culture. You’ll also visit various healing centers around the country and meet with experts to help you understand how healing traditions have developed over the past hundreds of years.

By the end of your experience in Israel, you’re bound to have developed a deeper understanding of medical history and modern healing practices around the world. You’re also likely to return home with new friendships and cultural insights to share with your family and friends.

Where you'll stay

You’ll stay with your group and guides in various hotels and hostels in Caesarea, Jerusalem, and the Judean Desert.


This program is ideal for college students studying Nursing, Pre-Med, Social Work, Philosophy, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and/or Sociology.

Israel by night


The topics of your classes will vary from classic faith-healing to the vibrational medicine of Richard Gerber. In addition, you’ll attend presentations given by experts on the healing practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Your courses will have the following learning objectives:

  • To describe different kinds of anthropology (the basic views of what a human is) that relate mind, body, and spirit.

  • To provide and describe various modalities of alternative healing.

  • To understand the religious implications and associations of these alternative modalities of healing.

  • To reflect upon your own personal health, philosophies, and/or religious values.

The Western Wall

Things to do

During your free time in Israel, you can go for walks on the beach, visit historic sites, and attend early morning prayers at a local synagogue. You and your group will also explore the desert and even float in the Dead Sea!

The highlight of your trip will be visiting the ancient city of Jerusalem. You’ll tour the Old City and explore landmarks like the Jaffa Gate, the Temple Mount, and the City of David. You’ll also have the chance to take part in a traditional Israeli Shabbat dinner (a festive meal enjoyed on the day of rest) in a Jewish home.

Western Wall by night