Government and Politics Internships

Following is a sample of our international Government and Politics Internships. New opportunities are created every year. Get in touch if you don't see what you're looking for!

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Programs Offered

Public Diplomacy Intern at DC Embassy

Public Diplomacy Intern at DC Embassy

This embassy seeks interns who will have the opportunity to substantially contribute to their public diplomacy or press teams, and to serve as support for both short and long term projects. Ideal candidates will have social media savvy on a variety of platforms (predominately Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) and will have experience exercising sound judgment about the content posted on such platforms. Interns also should have good writing and online research skills, a basic knowledge of important U.S. civil society groups, and a proven commitment to the country that this embassy represents.

PR Placement with Irish Politician

PR Placement with Irish Politician

This is an opportunity to work with a current political figure in Dublin, getting an inside view into international government and politics. Interns should expect to assist in preparing for elections, blog, manage Social Media, plan and execute promotional videos and design pamphlets to target younger, more diverse groups of voters.

Legal Internship in Indigenous Rights

Legal Internship in Indigenous Rights

This legal organization receives federal government funding to perform the functions of a Native Title Representative Body and is responsible for representing the interests of those who hold, or may hold, native titles. Their mission is to deliver high levels of legal, research and community facilitation services to indigenous groups in the native title process. Their legal functions include facilitation and assistance, dispute resolution, legal notification and agreement making. Responsibilities for legal interns vary greatly and can incorporate a number of legal, administrative and human resources tasks.

Housing and Language

Where you’ll live

Depending on your internship location, you can expect to stay in a shared room in an apartment, college dorm, or student residence. A local program advisor and coordinator will be available to help you settle in and answer any questions during your program. Your accommodations will likely be within walking distance of city public transportation.

During your stay, you’ll be within the same network as the students and/or interns you’re living with. It is often through these individuals that you can learn the most, as you explore the highlights of the city together, share career-building advice, and venture out on your own to your internship posts.

Your language learning

Most locations are very English-friendly, and do not require prior knowledge of the local language. Depending on your placement, you may have the opportunity to integrate further into the community by attending language lessons.

* If your internship takes place in Paris, you’ll have the chance to experience full cultural immersion by living with a local host family. (French language skills are required for an internship in this location, and you should expect to be evaluated beforehand via Skype interview.)

Career Counseling Benefits

Preparing for your future

Before you depart, you’ll be introduced to your internship advisor for one-on-one support and career guidance. Your advisor will help you prepare for your internship interview, build an effective cover letter and resume, and choose the right placement. Working with your advisor, you’ll take the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment to identify your top five strengths. These strengths will be useful in determining future opportunities and helping to focus your interests into clear career goals well beyond the scope of the program.

Once you and your advisor have selected your internship, you’ll have access to a pre-departure orientation video series to help you get ready for the transformational experience of working and living abroad. You’ll also have career skills training videos and articles at your fingertips to help you build your resume in advance. We want you to succeed and thrive abroad, and will provide countless resources to ensure you have what you need to do so.

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll attend a welcome orientation to help you settle in and start your experience with your best foot forward. Midway through your program, you’ll check in with local advisors at a career coaching session. During this visit, onsite staff will interview you and your employer to identify your strengths and areas where you could improve. We find this feedback-loop to not only be essential for success, but often lacking in environments where you’re on your own. Before the conclusion of your internship, you’ll attend a program debriefing and re-entry career and culture training. When you return home, you’ll join a network of alumni across the world who have used the skills they gained to advance their lives and careers!

AFSNext seal of approval

This program is implemented by a trusted organization within the AFSNext partnership community and has our full endorsement. While not managed or operated by AFS, it maintains the same exceptional quality standards, which are set by a network of experienced international non-profits operating within the international education field.