Intercultural Study Tour in Germany

Experience German culture in Karlsruhe and Berlin

Spend your summer exploring German culture in the historic cities of Karlsruhe and Berlin. For the first two of your three weeks abroad, you’ll be staying with your group near the Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, where you’ll attend the Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience.

The city of Karlsruhe is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. It’s nicknamed the “fan-city” because the palace tower at the center has 32 streets extending out like the blades of a fan. In Karlsruhe, you’ll get to experience Germany’s cultural diversity first-hand as you explore the various neighborhoods and interact with people of different nationalities.

During your final week, you and your group will go on an excursion to the capital city of Berlin. You’ll have the chance to attend interactive workshops on German culture, and an experienced facilitator will take you on daily tours of museums and important historic monuments. At the end of your adventure abroad, you can expect to come away with a deeper understanding of both Germany and the wider world.

Where you'll stay in Germany

You’ll be staying at a youth residence/hostel near the Karlshochschule International University campus in Karlsruhe for the first two weeks of your program and in Berlin for the last week.


The program is open to young adults and professionals ages 18 to 35 who have at least one year of college credit. This opportunity is ideal for people who have a background in intercultural learning and an interest in exploring German culture.

German Village


You and your group will spend two weeks taking classes focused on intercultural development. You can choose one of two tracks: Intercultural Cooperation or Intercultural Integration, with a variety of additional courses on subjects like conflict resolution and diversity.

You’ll attend lectures and workshops led by educators at Karlshochschule University and experienced instructors from the InterCultur network. As you explore contemporary intercultural topics with people from around the world, you’ll gain valuable global experience and develop insights that extend beyond the classroom.

Group of Friends

Things to do

During your time in Germany, you’ll have the chance to go on excursions to destinations like Strasbourg and Heidelberg or spend your spare time canoeing or rope climbing in the picturesque countryside.

You and your group will enjoy a week-long tour of Berlin, Germany’s multifaceted and culturally-rich capital. There you’ll visit open-air markets and popular tourist sites like the Sanssouci Palace and the remains of the Berlin Wall. You’ll also have some free time to explore local cafes and browse through quaint shops for souvenirs.

German Countryside
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This program is implemented by a trusted organization within the AFSNext partnership community and has our full endorsement. While not managed or operated by AFS, it maintains the same exceptional quality standards, which are set by a network of experienced international non-profits operating within the international education field.