Culture and Language in Germany

German Language and Intercultural Learning in Hamburg and Berlin

Deepen your understanding of the German language and way of life through hands-on intercultural learning. This two-week program offers the chance to take German language courses (40 hours) and go sightseeing in the cities of Hamburg and Berlin. You’ll also gain a unique global perspective as you live and learn with a small group made up of participants from around the world.

This program is based in Hamburg, Germany's second largest city, situated in the north of the country. A typical day will start with language classes, followed by workshops that introduce different aspects of German culture. Your classes will be taught in English, as the program is designed for students who are just beginning their language study.

You and your group will be guided by one or two intercultural facilitators (depending on group size). Over the course of two weeks, you’ll explore Hamburg and Berlin by taking tours, visiting museums, and wandering along scenic city streets. As you immerse yourself in everyday life, you’ll get to experience the ins and outs of German culture and practice the language with the friendly locals you meet.

Where you'll stay in Germany

You’ll be staying with a small group of international participants that you’ll travel and bond with over the course of two weeks. The trip includes 11 nights in Hamburg and two nights in Berlin (staying in double rooms).


This two-week program is open to young adults ages 18 through 35 who are interested in intercultural learning and German culture. It is ideal for those who have little to no prior experience studying German language.

German Village

Things to do

You and your group will get to explore the different neighborhoods of Hamburg, such as the banks of the Elbe River and the Portuguese Quarter. You’ll go on excursions to museums to gain an understanding of Germany’s cultural diversity and multifaceted history.

Your group will take a weekend trip together to Berlin, the nation's capital, to complement the time that you spend in Hamburg. There you’ll get to explore popular attractions like Checkpoint Charlie and the Bradenburg Gate (likely the backdrop of most Berlin photos you’ve seen). You’ll also tour the luxurious Sanssouci Palace in the nearby city of Potsdam.

Group of Friends