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If you are hosting an AFS event in your area, let us know! Fill out the form below, including details of your event, and the AFS-USA Digital Marketing team will post your event on the AFS-USA website.

NOTE: Events will be posted on the website 24-48 hours after submitting this form. If your event has to be published sooner or 48 hours have pass, email us at marketing@afsusa.org.

Displaying personal details

By filling out the this form you are authorizing to display the name, phone and email you are providing to show on the event page. If you do not wish to display contact details for attendees, choose "no" under "Display Contact Details".

Note: It is typical for events to have contact details, so if you don't wish to provide your personal contact information, contact your local Team Development Specialist to discuss what contact details to display on the event post.