AFS Fact Sheet


  • Sends approximately 1,100 participants abroad.
  • Welcomes 2,300 international high school exchange students into the US.
  • Is supported by more than 4,000 volunteers in the US who make the work of AFS possible.
  • Partners with 2,100 US schools through hosting and sending.

The AFS International Network

AFS is a worldwide, nonprofit organization that has been leading international high school student exchange for nearly seven decades. The AFS network:

  • Exchanges almost 13,000 individuals each year.
  • Has more than 50 partner organizations including AFS-USA.
  • Maintains an alumni network of more than 424,000 individuals who have studied abroad on an AFS Program.
  • Is supported by more than 44,000 AFS Volunteers worldwide.

Hosting an Exchange Student with AFS-USA

  • AFS-USA staff and volunteers work with 1,500 US schools to provide them with outstanding students from abroad who contribute greatly to academic and community life.
  • Volunteers work with students, families, schools, and community organizations to illustrate the benefits of an intercultural educational opportunity.
  • Host families provide students with a bed, meals, and the same care they give to their own family members. Host families and students receive ongoing support during the process from AFS-USA staff and volunteers.

Studying Abroad with AFS-USA

  • AFS-USA has year, semester, and summer programs abroad for high school students ages 15-18.
  • Gap Year programs are geared specifically for high school graduates and individuals over 18 who are interested in making a difference through international community service or university programs.
  • A language requirement is not necessary for most AFS-USA programs.

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